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Ironman Count Down Cards - Old School Training at It's Best

How do you increase your strength and numbers in pushups, situps, squats and other bodyweight exercises without killing yourself and pounding your joints?  

Have you ever been embarrassed by sucking wind during a sparring match, running or playing another sport? How do you develop endurance and strength for combat sports, martial arts, and other athletics? Need a program easy to do and that you can do anywhere without expensive gym equipment?


 The Ironman Countdown cards are the answer.  They have routines that are simple, flexible and easy to do.  You can do them any time and any place. The cards are a handy device for keeping track and keeping your pacing during your workout.  

Designed by Shotokan Karate instructor Gary Bowes they give workout schemes for the busy professional on the go who wants strength and conditioning a cut above that doesn't exhaust and tear you down.


The cards themselves are compact and the size of business cards. They are bound with a binder. You flip through them and count the numbers. Gary has an easy formula on the cards for tracking how many you've done and how many more to go. There are also several workout schemes from beginner to intermediate to advanced you can use. You fit the workout to your schedule and energy levels for that day.

The basic routine with the cards puts two exercises in tandem. You start with 24 to 1 and inverse the ratio of reps for each exercise until you have done 1 to 24. By the time you've flown through the workout you will have done 300 reps with each exercise. The cards help you keep track as you flip them over and lets you know how many you've done behind and how many ahead you'll be going. There are also shorter routines you can use and other workout tips on the cards.

Don't let the simplicity of the cards fool you. The cards alone are packed with tips and workout routines you can do. With the cards also comes a newly revised course in a binder with protective sheets written by Gary and myself. The routines and templates Gary put together are worth the price alone.

How much

The Cards and Gary's course are available for $9.99 with $3.50 Shipping and Handling.


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