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I know that this question had been raised on the forum several times, but I decided to push it again because of my recent meeting with my neighbor, who was a karate guy in his youthfulness. I am not proficient in this martial art as I learned predominantly Xing Yi and slightly Tai Chi. When my neighbor has knew that I use SRT to maintain my physical shape, he mentioned that his karate teacher strongly enforced his student to perform SRT katas to increase body strength. Indeed, I found several videos where SRT is clear appeared in katas.

I do not think that SRT could fit Xing Yi and Tai Chi techniques because these martial arts are more soft than karate, but it looks that SRT may be effectively combined with karate to increase student’s performance. On the other hand, some karate katas may be effectively used as SRT exercises that may be used for self defense.



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I agree. When I see Karate peformed in this way, it makes me believe true Karate should never be sport. It loses much when it does. Self-Resistance training gives you more control over your body and muscles. It is excellent for self-defense training. A lot of people miss this, but McSweeney's Tiger Moves contained the basics of striking and blocking and were more than just a bodybuilding system.


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There is a fellow named Al Case, on his site somewhere (monster martial arts) he suggested practicing a strike while providing resistance with the other hand, and then near the end of the range of motion, letting go with the other hand suddenly so the strike would explode the last part of its range. He says this is a great power developer....I've only done it a little and it is only useful with a few strikes that allow it, but it is kind of fun to do. Backfists and side elbow strikes work pretty good with this....maybe knife hands and chin jabs too.

I remember back in the 70's in a Bruce Tegner book, he showed something similar but with isometrics were supposed to hold the striking limb back with the other hand and do an isometric, and then suddenly let go so the strike would fly. Again, the backfist is a prime candidate for this.

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