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This forum is for the discussion of citizen self-defense with firearms. It is moderated by Lionquest1.
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The Las Vegas Massacre
250 7 months ago
38 vs 357 out of a snubbie
080 8 months ago
Point Shooting vs Flash Sight Picture
284 8 months ago
Surviving an "Allahu Akbar" Knife Attack
082 8 months ago
Concealing a Four Inch Revolver
3185 9 months ago
Gun Culture Gone Wild
1153 9 months ago
Reloading Ammo
195 9 months ago
The Three Amigo Challenge Part II
083 9 months ago
Law Enforcement Roundtable on Concealed Carry
099 9 months ago
Shooting while moving
2145 9 months ago
The Taurus 605 - Ongoing Review
2153 10 months ago
A .22 Rifle for Self-Defense?
7290 10 months ago
Firearm self-defense mantra
2159 10 months ago
Self Defense with a Snub-nose Revolver
4304 10 months ago
Useful info
18570 11 months ago
Close Quarter Firearm Tactics
5230 over a year ago
The Pre-Victory .38 Caliber Revolver
0106 over a year ago
Firearm Safety?
1225 over a year ago
Hot glue bullets for indoor/outdoor shooting
1173 over a year ago
Wax bullets for semi-autos
2228 over a year ago
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