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Discussion on unarmed self-defense. This is moderated by Lionquest1.
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Surviving a Triggered Slasher Attack
8169 7 months ago
History of Cane Self Defense in America
22518 7 months ago
Muscle co-contraction and speed
1120 7 months ago
Unusual Russian technique of throwing knife
0121 8 months ago
Defeating Grabs From the Front
2134 9 months ago
Defeating Attacks From Behind
1143 9 months ago
Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy
1142 9 months ago
Knife Defense - a European View
8291 9 months ago
Ric Drasin on Self Defense
1134 9 months ago
Trump Triggers Millennials to Learn to Fight
9341 9 months ago
Birth of the Dragon
0136 9 months ago
Flashlights add self defense
4185 10 months ago
Pardon My Elbow - Elbow Strikes
3270 10 months ago
Self Defense Basics Part 1
3333 11 months ago
Self resistance and martial art
2364 11 months ago
Defending Against a Knife Attack
13423 11 months ago
Wing Chun vs Karate and Boxing
8591 11 months ago
Short Stick Techniques
14533 11 months ago
Greg's Motto
18505 over a year ago
Self-Defense Practice
3275 over a year ago
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