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The Road Warrior - Science Fiction Becomes Dangerously Real

Posted on January 14, 2017 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (5)

I haven't seen Mel Giblson's "The Road Warrior in several decades. My wife had never seen it. Great movie by the way with some amazingly real stunts with motor vehicles. Here is the thing. What was escapest fantasy in the eighties is what could be tomorrow in the year 2017. I am no gloom and doom apocalyptic, but let me refresh your memory of the plot. 

In The Road Warrior, due to war and the threat of war, followed by universal appeasement, society started a downward entropy into chaos, tribalism and violence. In other words, society didn't crash at once. It unraveled gradually, then more quickly and then to the point civilization was no more. When you look around and see what is going on in the world with technocracy, global elitism, war, ethnic identity politics, riots, mass immigration from war torn countries, terrorism and the loss of infrastructure, you realize we are dangerously close to that slide into chaos.

It is interesting that my wife and I came to that same conclusion after the movie. This could be our world tomorrow and that is scary to think about. A  local fire chief and I started off decades ago working in public safety, he in fire and I in police, for the same municipality. We go meetings together several times during the year and on the way there we reflect how things have changed so drastically in such a few short decades - everything from gender politics to terrorism and how it has changed fire and police, not to mention our country. It is a Brave New World out there.

So how do you prepare? Me personally, I prepare spiritually. I pray and I read the Bible. That is the source of my internal strength when I can't go any further. I prepare physically by exercise. I prepare mentally by learning  aboutand practicing to be prepared for the worst that could happen. But that is me. I am interested in hearing how you prepare for the times to come, be they good, bad, or indifferent. How do YOU, live from day to day?

We Aren't Promised a Tomorrow

Posted on November 30, 2016 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (5)

I went to a funeral today. I've been to a lot of them over the years - friends, relatives, co-workers, older friends and young people - cancers, heart disease, murder, accidents and suicide. It runs the gamut. This young man was 17 and was a student of mine. He was a goofy, happy go lucky kid with a stubborn streak a mile long. 

No one likes to see a young person die. Dillon was in a car accident and like a lot of young people wasn't wearing a seat belt. Ironically he was leaving the funeral of a cousin who had died in a car accident.  We aren't promised a tomorrow. The Bible references our life being like a vapor. It can be snuffed out at a moment's notice. 

The good thing in all of this, for those of us who trust Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior - Dillon answered an alter call at that cousin's funeral a few hours earlier and accepted Jesus as Lord. This is something that gives hope to the weary and burdened. Jesus said:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

The World sneers at this hope. it is homey and old fashioned. Huh, us smart people are too good to believe in God. Or how about "all Christians are hypocrits." Well, I'm here to tell you - You can choose to believe or not to believe, but one thing is inevitable and that is that all of us will pass this world one day.  I choose to believe that I have a savior and can plead the blood of Jesus that covers my sin. That is true hope. So I will leave you with a few lines from one of my favorite songs. Dillon I dedicate this to you - I look to see you again one day with that goofy smile, your hat turned around backwards and that backpack that never left your back.

I'm kind of homesick for a country

To which I've never been before.

No sad goodbyes will there be spoken

For time won't matter anymore.

Beulah Land  I'm longing for you 

And some day on thee I'll stand 

There my home shall be eternal 

Beulah Land, sweet Beulah Land

I'm looking now, just across the river

To where my faith, shall end in sight 

There's just a few more days to labor.

Then I will take my heavenly flight.

Forum and Website Changes

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (9)

I started to title this blog - The Usual Suspects - after a line in Casablanca where the Vichy French answer to any crime was to round up the "Usual Suspects."  That is kind of how I feel after I broke ranks with John Peterson. I was inundated by the same group of guys, most who mean well, but who promote weight training, and who have been hanging out at the bodyweight and self-resistance boards for years. I never really got that, since there are plenty of sites available to talk weight training, whatever form it takes. 

I have nothing against weight training. I have certainly done plenty of it in my life, and I could still do it if I wanted to. However, it doesn't fit my age, my life style or my fitness goals these days, and it doesn't fit this site whose existance is to help promote bodyweight and self-resistance training. There is a pretty big hollow out there when it comes to self-resistance training and knowledge of how to apply routines and strategies is sparse. My goal is to fill the gap, and I've begun doing it with YouTube videos.

Greg Newton - age 56

Everyone doesn't want to build a bodybuilder body. Everyone doesn't want 3% bodyfat. Everyone doesn't feel the urge to do hundreds of pushups daily or to lift heavy weights in the gym. Everyone doesn't want to take PED's or to go on extreme diets of whatever philosophy. Most want fitness they can live with, with moderate dietary changes, and workouts that can fit into an ordinary lifestyle. Most people want to look better than they felt yesterday, feel good and be healthy. Moderate self-resistance and bodyweight exercise is a way to achieve this without beating your body down.

Now, this isn't the only reason I am making changes. Mostly I want to dovetail my website with my Youtube Channel, which by tomorrow morning will have had over 52,000 views. Once again there is a niche there. When I got back into gun ownership after an incident last February, I found there wasn't a lot of information out there for the average person on gun ownership, weapon handling, and the laws of self-defense. The same with unarmed self-defense. Basic self-defense is not about complicated kata, practicing MMA, or sparring in a gi and pads. It is about training simple blocks and strikes, and practicing repetively. 

The final reason I am making changes has to do with downplaying my Christian beliefs. This recent election was a wake-up call for me. Whatever happened in it, I'd decided I was going to quit being afraid to share my faith and  offending people, I was guilty of that here. Well, those days are over.  I am not concerned about numbers or growth. In fact I really don't want it until the time is right, and for now it is not.

So, I will be blogging and continuing to shoot video, Michael will be managing the body-weight and self-resistance forum, and I will be handling self-defense, both armed and unarmed. Thank you for all that have supported me in this endeavor since 2011, and I wish you good fortune in your training.

Do What You Can

Posted on October 11, 2016 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (6)

I like to tell You something about a Uncle I have that lives in Kansas. He is on permenant disability and has some illnesses I'm not sure of. He was always a big strong guy and everyone was scared of him.When I first got Facebook when my son went to boot camp I saw a video of him walking down his handicapp ramp at his house. But I didn't know he had a leg cut off. The video was the first time he was walking on his fake leg. Tears came to my eyes,I was balling like a baby.I have not seen him in years.

He would never call to tell you something like that. He was always a little crazy. He was always a big guy probably 250 lbs. I was talking to him today for the first time in years. He told me alot of the stuff I told him in the past about health and exercise have stuck with him every since he's been sick. He said he lost weight. When he told me he weighed less than me 160 lbs I couldn't believe it.He said all he eats is alot of fruit and fried chicken. Lol, he said he just couldn't give up his mother's fried chicken reciepe. Also his exercise consist of punching a heavy bag in his backyard and bicep curls. Everyday he punches on the bag for an hour before dinner. He said he takes breaks in between punching.He's not a real exerciser so he enjoys punching the bag and he likes having big arms.

This is just an example of the everyday person improving his health. He has a chronic illness and pain all the time but this has improved his quality of life while he is still here. There is no way I'm going to tell him what he is doing is wrong. Everyone has their own ideas what they think is the best way. But who are we to tell a person that has had great improvement. If one little change makes an improvement that's better than nothing. If that's all they can do so be it. All the scientific experiments,do eat this,be a vegan,eat paleo,do this,do that, ect... will not beat you own experience. Bottom line,Do What You Can.

The Next Big Thing!

Posted on January 12, 2016 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (1)

This is what I wrote on Jumping-M's Thread:

When they write these sale pages it's just to reel you in to buy their product. They try to make you feel like their product is the only way to the goal you want to achieve. That's why the page is so long,I hate that. I'd rather someone just get to the point. There's so much free stuff that can get you to the same goal.


The reason I'm writing this is because this is something that I was a victim of in the past. When I was 220 lbs I fell for everything under the sun.When You don't know no better they got You hook ,line and sinker. I watched videos of some of the top gurus teaching other people how to write these ad copies. Believe me they try to make your feel guilty and good at the same time. Like Greg says,'' But the marketing promises a lot without really saying a lot, and that can be a red flag.''

Than You sign up for the free reports,newsletter,email or whatever. The only thing I'm going to say is be careful and make an educated purchase. There are some good products out there but there are no magic pills. It's all about common sense and effort. That's the only way You will reach Your Goals.

There are guys that get right to the point. I know some might not agree but Greg gets right to the point. There is no long played out or the next big thing with his write ups about his concepts. If You read some of his stuff he tells You it might not be for You. Another thing, if You pay attention and like his style of training He gives it to You for free. Gary and Pierini are guys that shoot from the hip. You ask them a question and they give You the best information from their experiences. Other guys here like CW, Crossada,Stickman, and others have plenty to share for free. Why not learn for free? Ask questions?

I just don't want to see someone spend their hard earned cash on the Next Big Thing. If You feel it's worth it,then go ahead. I've been there before and would not want to see someone else there.

A Little Help

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (6)

An 85 year old  man live across the street from me. He is full blooded American Indian,served in the Army and Navy and is a two time cancer survior. He is currently getting kemo thereapy again.Since I moved in the neighborhood I've always been amazed how good he got around. He cut his grass,a neighbor's grass,shoveled his snow,ect... He has had the same lawn mower for 26 years. He takes care of his stuff.

He is not very liked in the neighborhood,not sure exactlly why. He likes to tell his life stories and can talk for hours. He was raised on a farm so he does stuff differant than everyone else. I guess this could be why.

He recentlly did something to his right shoulder while trying to get his lawn mower out of the shed. I'm pretty sure it's his rotator cuff . The doctor is talking about operating on him. Long story short he needed someone to cut his grass so I cut it. He actually timed how long it took me to cut. I had to laugh because he was comparing his time and mine. I won't go in specifics but we had a good laugh.

The point I'm trying to get across is lend a helping hand to people that need it. Don't expect nothing from it,no pat on the back or a favor in return. I've worked with two differant 65 year old guys as my partners on my job.I would try to work harder so these guys didn't have to work hard.One guy I work with now told me that he could probably work another 5 years andbe in a much better sitiution because of me. I'm amazed at how people who are in their 20s to 30s worry how much work these guys were doing. They act like these guys are getting over on them. This generation needs to have more compassion.

No Regrets

Posted on March 21, 2015 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (2)

This is a recent post of Stickman's. You don't regret the past - you work on today. 

Greg, thanks for the advice and encouragement. I do intend to keep at it w/McSweeney's exercises. which I enjoy doing. They leave plenty of time for other exercises as well.

On a note similar to your own, above, I took my 30 year old daughter with me yesterday while a friend of hers who owns a car repair shop did a couple of things for me. They were joking about my "exercise addiction" and her friend commented that it must get tougher to stay with it when you get into your early fifties. My daughter pointed out to him that I'll be 71 in June ...he at first refused to believe it. I had been elsewhere in his shop, minding my daughter's puppy, and when I came back we had a chuckle over this.

So with the occasional frustration we all feel when our current program doesn't turn out to be the miracle program we hoped it'd be when we designed it and the injuries we are hounded with from day to day from our iron lifting days there's the occasional comment that brightens the day and encourages us in our consistency and dedication. Its a labor of love.

I remember Kalai Strode's email to me when I asked him about Woody Strode's dedication, continuing his routine until the week he died - that is true commitment. For me, looking back on years (decades) of hard work and commitment I can truly say its a labor of love. I don't regret any of it, although I do wish I'd been more careful and better informed about some of the things I did at the time e.g. the heavy (for me, anyway) weights. But it is what it is. No regets.

The Strongest Man in the World

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (2)

The Strongest Man in the World? To quote John Brookfield, it is the Man or Woman who gets up on a Monday morning to go to a job to support a family. It is the everyday, unsung heroes who work to put food on the table and care for loved ones.

There are missed nights sleep because of caring for a child, grandchild or elderly parent. There are financial worries. They may work more than one job. The job may not even be one they enjoy, but they plug away, making the best of it. To each and every one of you, who do your part every day, often without reward or recognition - I give my respect.

Greg Newton

The Delectable Burg

Posted on August 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (1)

This is a different book review; and not about strength or health, but about human spirit and maybe alcoholic spirits as well. Shady ladies, shyster lawyers, erudite gamblers, smelly buffalo hunters, immigrant soliders, dusty and wild cowboys, steely-eyed lawmen, and tell it like it was newspaper men.  These all made up the rough and tumble of Dodge City during its cattle drive heyday.


If you are interested in down and dirty, no holds barred reading, this is your ticket. If you are a Wild West fan and appreciate authenticity, this is your book. Taken from the various competing newspapers of that day, it reflects back on the Babylon of the Plains.


So why I am recommending this book? I enjoyed it for one thing. Gordon sent it to me from Dodge City where he was attending the annual Dodge City festival. But as someone who enjoys history and the history of the Old West, I appreciated this look into a very unsavory past. Hey, where else did the local parson take gambling chips in the collection plate? The next day he'd visit the local saloons to collect the money. Where else would you have the mayor jail the town marshal, and then have the town council in retaliation lock the mayor up? It was that kind of town.


So if you like the Old West and like your history unvarnished with political correctness; give this book a look.

To Thine Ownself Be True

Posted on July 22, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (2)

This simple piece of advice given by the blowhard Polonius to his son Laertes in Hamlet has application to training.  Despite being a wise in your own eyes pontification, the advice is still good.   It is closely related to the Charles Atlas axiom of having faith and confidence in your own ideas.


Our bodies have an amazing ability to offer feedback to us in the way of pain, discomfort, lack of oxygen, cramping, and tension.  As well, we see, the results or the lack thereof of training our bodies.  Over time we come to see what works and what does not work for our individual structures and mindset.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that different types of exercise often affects individuals radically different.


The point of this is to encourage you to experiment, BUT when you do find something that works for you and that you like - STICK WITH IT.  Don't let what me or any other person you know, or any "expert" you encounter, sway you from doing what you find productive.  Be true to yourself.  Have faith and confidence in what you know to be true.