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Do you need the strength and courage to fight back?

Been kicked to the curb lately? Life has a way of doing that. Do you  need health, strength and a better quality of life? Maybe we can help you here. 

My name is Greg. A couple of decades ago I owned a gym and did personal training. I enjoyed working with everyday, ordinary people and helping them reach their fitness goals and become more active and confident.  I went through a lot of changes since that time - raised a family, went back into police work and for the past decade have been a school teacher. There have been times I have been too busy, too busted up from heavy weight training, and too de-conditioned to work out. For a long while I was a physical wreck.  At the time I came across an author named John Peterson who was a lifetime practitioner of body-weight and self-resistance training.  John encouraged me to train his way, without weights or machines. These days, I am thirty pounds lighter, flexible, have endurance to spare and am much stronger.  I look much younger than my 55 years.  

It's as Simple as a Baby

Ever watch a baby stretch their limbs out trying to build their strength and coordination to roll, crawl, walk and move?  This is one of my grandchildren. It has been fascinating watching her do just that. She stretches out her body, rolling this way and that way,  stretching her spine, creating tension in her limbs and developing the neural pathways between her brain and her muscles. 

Babies do this instinctively. It is very similar to what you see with the big cats in the zoo when they stretch back under tension. Their muscles actually vibrate and shake as they tense. This is what keeps these animals strong and healthy.

Six Foot of Space is All You Need

All you need is six foot of space to move your body and the willingness to put some time into it.  I've trained in hotel rooms, parks, in the outdoors, on my back porch, in a truck bay, on the beach and in the privacy of my bedroom. You can workout almost anywhere and anytime the way I train.

This method is called Focused Muscular Tension (FMT).   This can be done by resisting  limb against limb or by resisting the pull of opposite muscles and combining them with body-weight exercises, light weights or cables.   In other words you put the brakes on the muscles, tensing them strongly and moving them through that tension.

These are the results I have had from several years of non-apparatus training with body-weight exercises like pushups and self-resistance where you resist the muscles against each other. This was a picture my wife took while I was out doing yard work. I am not the strongest, the leanest or the best built, but I do O.K. for an older guy. In fact, someone with better genetics who started at an earlier age training this way could easily surpass what I have done.

So What are You Recommending Greg?

 First, you have to define your goals. If you are into athletic fitness. We have a forum - Challenging the Home Alone Trainer for those who are into more intense training with body-weight, kettle-bell, dumbbell, isometrics and apparatus training. It doesn't take a lot of equipment to build a body or to enhance your fitness, but it does require you willingness to work hard and consistently.

However, athletic fitness is not for everyone. The average person wants to put life into their years and to feel good and have energy and confidence for daily tasks.  The Focused Muscular Tension forum is just for that kind of person.  This is for discussion of tension and relaxation exercise that can keep you mobile and strong for daily tasks, to be physically active, and to have that glow of health. This is exercise you can do for 10 to 25 minutes a day, anytime, anyplace that enhances your health and your life. 

Change Begins With the First Step

When I was in my late forties I was washed up as an athlete and was old, out of shape, thirty pounds overweight and couldn't move because my joints were in a great deal of pain from the kind of weight training I had done for years.  I couldn't move without hurting. I had also been in a bad ATV accident that damaged my hip and neck and kept me in  a great deal of pain.

We all are created differently and have different strengths and weaknesses, but anyone can improve themselves physically the way I teach people to train. You tailor your program to your goals and your current level of fitness.

It does takes time and consistent effort, though. It is not about killing yourself in your workouts as a short term fix. It is about moderate effort done consistently over time. You'll get better results and will be healthier for it.

 As to "Lionquest," there is a reason I chose that name.  It represents the Lion of Judah - Jesus Messiah. I make no apologies for being a servant of Jesus Christ.  It is not just mind and body.  It is also spirit that needs to be developed. 

I am not here to proselytize you. But, if you are hungry for a different kind of life - I want to point you towards hope and I want to offer you positive encouragement.




Thanks for stopping today!